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You are just reading the first edition of the EPAL-News. EPAL-News are designed to keep you prospectively updated on a regular basis on any news from the world of the EPAL/EUR pallet.
In the first edition, we have had a closer look for you on the backgrounds of the treatment according to the ISPM 15-standard.

EPAL introduces ISPM 15

EPAL expanded its position as leading pallet pool in international trade. As from January 2010, all of the newly-produced EPAL pallets will be manufactured in accordance with the ISPM 15-standard. Any participant equipped with a license will comply with this world-wide export standard.

Fear of the invasion that originates from packaging material.
A legitimate or an exaggerated attidude?

Mr Roddie Burgess is giving quite interesting answers to the questions asked by Mr Stan Bowes, president of EPAL, and in addition, he is providing a critical view of the risks and of the purpose of the ISPM 15-standard.

China as a challenge or how does the EPAL/EUR pallet contribute to environmental protection in an active manner

New markets do require new approaches. In particular, it is currently the Peoples Republic of China where EPAL is facing this challenge. There are many difficulties that the 13 companies who have been equipped with EPAL licenses by now (and who are convinced of the EPAL/EUR system) are confronted with.

Market Trend

Have we overcome the crisis?

As trends of EPAL licencees’ figures regarding remedial maintenance and production are revealing, the overall situation seems to get back slowly to an easing of tension after the crisis.

Violation of trademark laws by producing and
supplying falsified pallets
At this point, the legal adviser of EPAL Mr B. Dörre regularly provides you with information about recent cases.
By the way, did you know ...

... what the EPAL control staple is?
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