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There is no alternative to the EPAL system

Service provision as a profit business

Many questions – one expert! Today is answering:
Stefan Zeltner, age: 54 years
Chief of Brewery Logistics at Heineken Switzerland AG
Employed at Heineken for since 9 years
In the logistic sector since 1990

Mr. Zeltner takes care of the logistic branch. It starts at the filling and ends with the shipping to logistic centres and to the retail and wholesale markets.

House made of pallets – students making experiments

Construction phase: House made of pallets


The conditions were clear. A house out of a material, which is environmentally friendly, low-priced and easy to provide. The architect students of the Münster School of Architecture (MSA) have found it: the EPAL-pallet.

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Did you know…

...of how many parts the EPAL pallet consists?

EPAL CEO Pierre Clénin2011 is going to be a year of success as the first three months indicate.

We, the worldwide biggest pallet pool, are glad to provide you with the latest EPAL News. We hopefully have assorted a lot of exciting and interesting subjects about the EPAL-pallet.

We were talking to Stefan Zeltner, chief of Brewery Logistics of Heineken Switzerland AG. In this
interview he reports about changes in their basic logistic chain since a service provider took over the whole branch of pallet logistic.

Students of the Münster School of Architecture (MSA) performed a complete different experiment.
They built a multifunctional pavilion. After a few weeks it wasn't possible to imagine without it.

All 500 million EPAL/EUR-pallets are moving around the world quite proudly at the moment. The EUR-pallet, considered as the logistic standard, becomes 50 years old. The EPAL National Committees are internationally celebrating this anniversary by diverse activities. One of these celebrations we were especially looking forward to was the Transport Logistic 2011, where the German National Committee was present at a large stand.

The EPAL/EUR-pallet is going to establish itself further. This is it what I absolutely belief in. But for this we need all of your positive strengths.

Pierre Clénin (CEO)