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EPAL has voted
Stan Bowes congratulates his successor Robert Holliger after his appointment.

He will continue the excellent and sustained committee work Stan Bowes has established over the past few years, Robert Hollinger promises immediately following his appointment as EPAL president.


Three National Committees introduce new Managing Directors

Since the beginning of July, the biggest National Committee within EPAL, Gütegemeinschaft Paletten in Germany, has had a new Managing Director, Martin Leibrandt. Changes have also taken place within our two youngest National Committees, with affairs in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece being managed with immediate effect by Konstantin Vangelov and in the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) by Janas Likso. All three take this opportunity to introduce themselves to you.

By the way, did you know ...
...when the first “Europallet” was introduced?



EPAL in China, Australia and the US

How easy it can be to avoid risks and unnecessary costs and even save time directly from the country of export.

EPAL Online

For EPAL as an international organization, the internet as an information platform is extremely important. A recent statistical evaluation of the number of visits to our website has revealed that it is internationally increasingly becoming the rule first to pick up the mouse and then the telephone in order to quickly obtain reliable information.

Quality assurance with EPAL quality guarantee

The EPAL Einbrand - Das Qualitätszeichen

In close cooperation with the Belgian National Committee, the testing and inspection organization SGS and GS1 Belgium, EPAL has developed a new certification system for users of EPAL/EUR pallets.

Legal matters

What many people don’t know: Not only are fashion and sports articles, watches, etc. subject to trademark protection, but so are items of everyday use. These also and in particular include EPAL/EUR pallets.


Here it is – the second edition of our EPAL News.

Following the summer break, we hope that this edition brings you up-to-date with plenty of interesting topics about recent developments within EPAL.

A lot has happened over the past few months. For example, EPAL has a new president. Robert Holliger, who has known EPAL since the early days and shaped its development more than almost anyone else, is the new man at the helm.

EPAL is active in China, Australia and the US – how does that benefit you? Find out here.
In Belgium, we have started to train users of EPAL/EUR pallets to become “quality experts” in a new training and certification process. The EPAL/EUR pallet exchange system depends on quality – the new certificates guarantee exclusive use of quality-assured, original EPAL/ EUR pallets.

Brand piracy is not a trivial offence! Lawyer Bernd Dörre points out the risks and consequences of counterfeited EPAL/EUR pallets.

In the next edition of EPAL News, you can read an in-depth report about the attempts and tests EPAL is currently undertaking to find an alternative to the “Düsseldorfer Pallet”.

Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy this edition!
Harry Jacobi (CEO).