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Criteria for exchanging
EPAL-pallets within the European Pallet Pool

To exchange EPAL certified EPAL-pallets 800 x 1200 mm, the following exchange criteria
must be observed:


If there is one or more defects on EPAL-pallets as below, the pallets are not exchangeable.
They must be repaired as per the UIC-code 435-4.
A single upper or lower edge board is damaged so that more then one nail or screw shank is revealed.
A board is missing.
A block is missing or split to the point where more than one nail shank is visible. Skewed blocks may not protrude more than 10 mm.
A board is broken transversely or diagonally.
More than two lower or upper edge boards are damaged and reveal one nail or screw shank for each board.
Other characteristics (Poor condition overall):
  • The loading capacity can no longer be guaranteed (wood worm-eaten or rotten).
  • Contamination is such that products may be soiled.
  • Large splinters are coming away from a number of blocks.
  • There is evidence that inadmissible construction elements have been used, e.g. boards and blocks that are too weak.
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